US Mint 2009 Lincoln Cent Sales Improve Over Last Week

by 2009 Lincoln Pennies Staff on December 10, 2009

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Lincoln Cent SalesThe latest round of US Mint sales figures for products with 2009 Lincoln Cents is 180 degrees opposite of last week's report. All but one product performed better than the prior week.

The Lincoln Proof Set jumped by 7,489, compared to last week's 5,210. It could be holiday gift purchases, or it could be the end of the special commemorative pennies. The Presidency and Professional Two-Roll Sets picked up steam too, climbing 10,928 and 3,331 respectively over the prior 9,268 and 2,803.

The only exception to gains was last week's star. The US Mint's Uncirculated Set, which vaulted 28,613 last week, rose 21,287 this week. That is not a bad number, since it's still higher than mid-November reports.

Since the end of the year is approaching and there are no more 2009 Lincoln Penny products that will be released, future coin sales reports will be updated monthly instead of weekly.

The following table includes the latest sales for sets and products that include the 2009 pennies:

US Mint Coin Sales Figures: 2009 Lincoln Cents

New Sales
Unit Change
Lincoln Cent Proof Set 190,941 198,430 7,489 3.9% Sales Began Aug. 26
Log Cabin Two-Roll Set 96,000 96,000 0 0.0%
Rail Splitter Two Roll Set 300,000 300,000 0 0.0%
Professional Life Two Roll Set 255,065 258,396 3,331 1.3%
Sales Began Aug. 13
Presidency Two Roll Set 183,804 194,732 10,928 5.9%
Sales Began Nov. 12
2009 US Mint Proof Set 1,319,696 1,350,802 31,106 2.4%  
2009 US Mint Silver Proof Set 591,267 606,112 14,845 2.5%  
2009 US Mint Uncirculated Set 606,705 627,992 21,287 3.5%

Sales Began Oct. 1

Lincoln Coin & Chronicles Set - 50,000 - -

*NLA - No Longer Available. Coin sales figures above have an "as of date" of December 6.

The latest and historical figures may always be found at 2009 Cent Sales.

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