Lincoln Penny Proof Sets Pass Milestone; Professional Life Roll Sales Top 200K

by 2009 Lincoln Pennies Staff on September 9, 2009

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Lincoln Cent Sales2009 Lincoln Cent sales increased across all but one offering while the proof set containing just the four new pennies surpassed a new milestone.

The loser in the Lincoln product mix, at least from a comparative standpoint, was the Professional Life Two Roll Sets. 13,108 more were purchased from the US Mint, down from the 14,319 reported last week. However, the two-roll sets jumped over 200K to 204,472.

The Lincoln Cent Proof Set is again the leader in the group, increasing by 35,408 and flying over 100K. Between the sets launch on Aug. 26 and through to Sept. 6, which is less than two weeks, a total of 101,758 have been sold.

The following table includes the latest US Mint sales figures for sets and products that include a 2009 Lincoln Cent:

US Mint Coin Sales Figures: 2009 Lincoln Cents

New Sales
Unit Change
Lincoln Cent Proof Set 66,350 101,758 35,408 53.4% Sales Began Aug. 26
Log Cabin Two-Roll Set 96,000 96,000 0 0.0%
Rail Splitter Two Roll Set 300,000 300,000 0 0.0%
Professional Life Two Roll Set 191,364 204,472 13,108 6.8%
Sales Began Aug. 13
2009 US Mint Proof Set 994,095 1,022,008 27,913 2.8%  
2009 US Mint Silver Proof Set 454,429 470,707 16,278 3.6%  


*NLA - No Longer Available
Coin sales figures above have an "as of date" of September 6

The latest and historical figures may always be found at 2009 Cent Sales.

On a somewhat unrelated topic, but similar in the sense of changing coin designs like the 2009 pennies, the United States Mint announced today the national park and site themes for the America the Beautiful Quarters. These quarters will launch in 2010 and last at least until 2021.

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