2009 Lincoln Cent Design #2 | Indiana Formative Years Penny

The second 2009 Lincoln penny was official released on May 14, 2009. The design represents Lincoln's formative years in Indiana from 1816-1830.

2009 Lincoln Cent Design #2

The second of the designed 2009 Lincoln Pennies, or cents, portrays a young Lincoln sitting on a log with a book in hand while working as a rail splitter in Indiana. It was designed and sculpted by United States Mint Sculptor-Engraver Charles Vickers.


Lincoln's formative years in Indiana (1816-1830)

In 1816, the Lincolns moved to the frontier of Indiana, where young Abraham would continue to grow into a man. These years were not without their trials. Surviving the wilderness was harsh, but they persisted with their work on clearing the trees from their farm in order to make a living.

Abraham would often be found carrying a book and his axe, on his way to chop more wood. In the absence of proper schooling, his parents instilled in him a love of reading, giving him the ability to educate himself.

Abraham's mother, Nancy, would die a few years after arriving in Indiana from what was known as Milk Sickness. Relative Dennis Hanks (who was living with them at the time of her death) stated years later:

"She knew she was going to die and called up the children to her dying side and told them to be good and kind to their father - to one another and to the world…."

Abraham's father, Thomas, would remarry a widow named Sarah Bush Johnston, who had three children of her own. Sarah was found to be more than capable of merging the two families, and her presence re-inspired the Lincolns to continue the hard work on their property.

Once again, Abraham would spend his time chopping down trees, clearing more land for farming.

He could also be seen entertaining friends with stories or imitations of local politicians and preachers, a skill that would serve him later in life.

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