Lincoln Rail Splitter Cent Mintage Update

by 2009 Lincoln Pennies Staff on July 10, 2009

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2009 Lincoln Cent Indiana Formative YearsThe United States Mint has released the latest mintage figures through to June and reports a sizable 228,800,000 increase in the production of Formative Years pennies bearing the Rail Splitter design.

164,400,000 more were minted at Denver and 64,400,000 were struck at Philadelphia in June. The respective totals per Mint facility for Rail Splitter coins are now at 363,600,000 and 376,000,000.

And with that, the first redesigned 2009 Lincoln cent, the Birthplace or Log Cabin design, is now the scarcest of the pair. In particular, those struck in Philadelphia have the lowest mintage at 284,400,000.

Nearly 1.4 billion pennies bearing the new 2009 designs have now been struck.

Here is a table of showing production numbers for May only (notice only the second redesigned cent was produced):

2009 Lincoln Cent Mintages (June Only)

Denver Philadelphia Total
Lincoln Formative Years Cent 164,400,000 64,400,000 228,800,000


For a complete breakout by penny design and Mint, check out the Lincoln Penny Mintages page. For a breakout of other U.S. coins, check out the CoinNews article regarding US June coin mintages.

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r wilson October 10, 2009 at 7:18 am

what is the mintage of the copper cents coins vs the zinc cents mintage of each type in 2009.

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