2009 Lincoln Penny Videos

This page contains 2009 Lincoln Penny videos from major news outlets. While there haven't been many (more will be added as available) these are of excellent quality. (Videos may take several seconds to load and appear.)


This AP video released during the launch of the Lincoln Cent Birthplace penny is perhaps the first to show the pennies up close in 3D. It's a short 50 second clip.

First of Four New Pennies Unveiled


CBS News anchor Katie Couric discusses the makeover of the 2009 penny, and also provides a very brief history of the cent. Although the clip was released in Sept. 2008 before any of the new 2009 Lincoln cents were released, it is one of the best to date.

The Penny's Makeover

This is another older video, which shows some of the initial 2009 Lincoln cent designs. It's worth the watch just to catch some the historical aspects of the penny, which is the most thorough of any video on this page.

History of the Lincoln Penny and celebration of it in 2009


Lincoln Pennies' New Look

This is another perspective of the new pennies from Reuters -- one of the older ones. It also contains a very short clip and comment from the United States Mint Sculptor-Engraver Don Everhart, designer of the Professional Life penny.