2009 Lincoln Cent Rolls Screaming with Sales

by 2009 Lincoln Pennies Staff on March 19, 2009

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Lincoln Coin SalesTwo-roll sets of the Lincoln Cent Birthplace coins are screaming along with collectors ordering 63,772 in under a week.

The rolls of log cabin designed pennies went on sale at the US Mint last Friday, Mar. 13, for the price of $8.95, plus shipping and handling. Although the premiums are not insignificant with each roll from Denver and Philadelphia only having 50 coins, the mark-up does not seem to phase many collectors -- obviously, with such a takeoff in sales.

The rolls are available on the following Mint page:

2009 Lincoln Cent Two-Roll Set "Birthplace"

In related Lincoln coin news, sales of proof and uncirculated Lincoln Bicentennial Coins are still blazing hot. The latest Mint sales figures show 42,866 more Lincoln silver dollars have been purchased in the last several days. The total sold is now at 423,451, with a ceiling of 450,000 available. At some point this year, the Mint will also offer 50,000 within a special Lincoln set it has yet to describe.

Collectors who are interested in the silver dollars should order from the Mint now.

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Bruce Middleton April 30, 2009 at 6:37 pm

When I went on line to the US Mint website and saw that two rolls of 2009 Lincon pennies were being sold for $8.95 plus shipping I almost didn’t buy any. But since my coin collection started out with cents back in 1955 I decided to bite the bullet and buy a roll of p and d. A few weeks went by and I went on Ebay to see how they were selling and the average cost of a $1 worth of pennies were fetching. I wish I had bought a dozen rolls now since I found one dealer selling them for $100 and he actually had a bidder or two. Amazing. I am glad I bouth 3 of the unc and Proof Lincoln dollars when they came up for sale. They are going for around $60 + which is double the issue price, now that they are sold out. I think it wise to continue to buy these rolls even though the mint will circulate less attactive 2009 pennies also. I haven’t seen one yet but I wonder if they are the the same as the unc or are they the old Memorial backed ones. I’m anxious to see.

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