2009 Lincoln Cent Birthplace Rolls Sell Out

by 2009 Lincoln Pennies Staff on March 26, 2009

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Lincoln Coin SalesThe US Mint Lincoln Cent Birthplace two-roll set surprisingly sold out Thursday, according to a Mint website notice. Although the Mint was clear in stating the Lincoln rolls would be available for a "limited time only," Mint watchers did not anticipate they would be gone in less than two weeks.

The coins -- featuring a log cabin design symbolic of Abraham Lincoln's birthplace and childhood, and the first redesigned penny in 50 years -- began circulating on the 200th anniversary of Abraham Lincoln's birthday, Feb. 12, 2009.

As the public began discovering how difficult it was to find the circulating pennies early, the Mint delighted many by announcing it would sell two-roll sets of Lincolns.

On Friday, March 13, the Mint began offering two-rolls containing $1 worth of equally divided Philadelphia and Denver pennies for $8.95, plus $4.95 for shipping and handling.

Despite what seemed like a high price for many, 63,772 of the sets were sold in about a week's time. Mere days later the total moved up to the final 96,000 according to Mint sales figures published this week.

The Mint looks to have made a tidy and quick profit with collectors paying $895,000 (plus shipping and handing) for $100,000 worth of pennies. Those who wanted the coins but waited, will now have to pay more in the secondary market, or hope to eventually scoop some up in change.

In other related Lincoln coin news, the demand for Lincoln Bicentennial Coins is equally hot. The uncirculated Lincoln dollar sold out Tuesday. The proof version is likely to be gone within a day or two. Combined, collectors have purchased 447,868 of the coins. Only 450,000 are available as 50,000 or being reserved for a five coin set to include a Lincoln proof silver dollar and proofs of the four 2009 Lincoln Cents.

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Melissa Miller March 27, 2009 at 10:59 am

The next penny in this series will be released May 14 at 10 a.m. CDT Lincoln Amphitheatre in Lincoln City, Ind. For more info visit http://www.ThinkLincoln.org. or call 888-444-9252.

Charles Schwartz April 7, 2009 at 6:30 am

I would like to express my displeasure with the way that The U.S. Mint abruptly ceased the availability of the 2009 “Birthplace” Lincoln Cent Two-Roll Set after only 13 days!

I have no idea why the Mint decided to do this, but they are doing a great disservice to customers like myself who were planning on purchasing these coin rolls.

Because of the low production numbers of the “Birthplace” Lincoln Cent Two-Roll Set and the abrupt end of availability from the Mint, they are now only available from aftermarket sources who are charging anywhere from $75 to $150 for these rolls!

Just like they do with the State and Territorial quarter rolls, the U. S. Mint should offer these Lincoln Cent Two-Roll Sets for sale through the end of their mintage run!

Mark Fahlbeck October 22, 2009 at 9:29 am

You can get Uncirculated P or D rolls from Littleton Coin Company for between $7 and $10 each retail.

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