2009 Cent Sales, “Presidency” Launches Tomorrow

by 2009 Lincoln Pennies Staff on November 11, 2009

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Lincoln Cent SalesThe fourth and final 2009 re-designed Lincoln penny, known as the Lincoln "Presidency" Cent, will launch tomorrow with significant fanfare. The ceremony will take place at the Ulysses S. Grant Memorial on the west side of the US Capitol in Washington, D.C. at 10 AM ET. Demand is expected to be high during the penny exchange that will follow the ceremony, and for more details, see Presidency Cent Launch Information.

With the kickoff of the last new design, the Mint will likely stop selling the "Professional Life" uncirculated Two Roll Sets. 245,061 have sold since its release on August 13, making it the second most popular design of the three designs so far this year. One interesting thing to note, the Mint has not posted a deadline on its web site for the "Professional Life" Two Roll Set like it has for several other products that are ending in December.

The most popular product with a Lincoln cent this week was clearly the uncirculated US Mint Set, according to current sales figures. It rose by 27,694, which is higher than last week's gain of 23,469. By this time next week, the set should surpass sales of the US Mint Silver Proof Set. Right now there's only a 18K gap between the two.

The following table includes the latest US Mint sales figures for sets and products that include a 2009 Lincoln Cent:

US Mint Coin Sales Figures: 2009 Lincoln Cents

New Sales
Unit Change
Lincoln Cent Proof Set 167,467 172,395 4,928 2.9% Sales Began Aug. 26
Log Cabin Two-Roll Set 96,000 96,000 0 0.0%
Rail Splitter Two Roll Set 300,000 300,000 0 0.0%
Professional Life Two Roll Set 242,885 245,061 2,176 0.9%
Sales Began Aug. 13
2009 US Mint Proof Set 1,225,747 1,245,834 20,087 1.6%  
2009 US Mint Silver Proof Set 548,802 558,388 9,586 1.7%  
2009 US Mint Uncirculated Set 512,563 540,257 27,694 5.4%

Sales Began Oct. 1

Lincoln Coin & Chronicles Set - 50,000 - -

*NLA - No Longer Available. Coin sales figures above have an "as of date" of November 8.

The latest and historical figures may always be found at 2009 Lincoln Cent Sales.

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